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Who We Are

The story of oud manufacturing started in 1976. At that time, the journey began with curiosity. The excitement of discovering the instrument he loved and he played pushed Nazih to dissect the OUD, investigate its sounds, read about its history, pursue a lot of research and experiments to find out all gaps that could be improved.

During the past fifty years, Nazih passed through a long learning curve, which made from the instrument he makes a unique piece of art; Nazih followers noticed the continuous improvement of the instrument he made on all levels.

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

Nazih has a lot of strengths and competitive advantages that made him one of the top Luthier in the world, his genuine personality and continuous follow-up made him available and supportive for all OUD lovers, his education in music and in philosophy beside his ability to speak Arabic, French and English made him good communicator who understands customer needs and concerns, his professionalism in playing the OUD made him the first one to taste and discover what he produced, add to that his talent and craftsmanship that gave him the flexibility and ability to build the instrument from A to Z by himself, all handcrafted and customized, with no tolerance for error, close to perfection.


What our clients say

My wish was to get an oud with the sound of Rabih Abou Khalil, who plays ouds built by the Nahat brothers. So I listened and researched a lot and finally discovered the instruments by Mr. Nazih Ghadban. After purchasing one I can say: it is a great joy to look at - and worth a painting! - the sound Is amazing - and very close to the Nahat sound which I love! Thanks, Nazih ! Great work!

Tilman Elgnowski

Not everyone who makes oud he makes oud
And not everyone who played oud means a playing
As long as magic fingertips and golden hands !Mashallah ! Oud is pronounced

Bassam Elsahili

You mixed tradition, craftsmanship, good taste and love in every instrument you make,Bou Youssef, and this is what is difficult for many to make.You have all respect and appreciation

Fawaz Suliman
Marshall Khalid

....”I count myself fortunate indeed to be the proud and grateful owner of the most superb instrument I have ever owned. Nazih Ghadban’s genius is apparent with every warm resonant tone, bathed in harmonics and rich with resonance. Thank you Professor for this magnificent Oud”


Robert Becker - Australia

Mr. Ghadban has incredible hands. He is a true master and a great man. I have two of his instruments and they are truly alive. Impeccable workmanship and sound!

Nick Macris

Best Oud maker in the whole area.

Mary Abi Nader