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Oud Care

The OUD is a very delicate instrument that we should preserve by following some simple and necessary guidelines.

 1- The OUD should not be exposed to heat (high temperature) and high humidity. The suitable environment for the OUD is the temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius and the humidity between 35-65.

2- Sweating under the armpits damages the paint of the instrument. It is preferable to put a piece of cloth to eliminate the sweating.

3- Putting the OUD after use on a chair or its platform away from children, and it is preferable not to hang it on the wall

4- Keeping the OUD in its hard case when not in use for a long time while loosening the strings

5- It is preferable to maintain a same tune level in order not to alter the pressure on the soundboard and cause its deformation.

6- Using the appropriate string size and tension for the OUD, as adopted by Fa-Fa, Do-Do, or otherwise. 

7 - The OUD should not be exposed to any kind of liquid. In case it happens, the fluid must be wiped and dried with a cotton cloth piece. 

8- Cleaning the fingerboard when changing the strings with lemon oil. 

9- Cleaning the OUD when needed and not frequently: the polyurethane paint is cleaned with a cotton pad with special polish, while the French paint is cleaned with a cotton pad with lemon oil. 

10 - Two options for travelling with the OUD. Place it in a leather bag above you in the plane cabin, which is recommended, or put it in its hard case in the cargo shipping. 

11- We also see that the OUD, like any other instrument, needs periodic maintenance to preserve it and keep it in its perfect condition over time. 

12- Consult the manufacturer and not anyone else (carpenter, painter ...) when there is any malfunction in the instrument for fear of causing more significant damage.