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Nazih Story

Nazih Ghadban, Born In Ras Baalbeck 1955, a small village in North Bekaa near the Assi River, located 35 km north of the famous temples of Heliopolis Baalbeck in Lebanon. He is the youngest of a small family of three sons, and he is a father of three.

Nazih discovered his passion for music at an early age, and he pursued his education in music at the National Conservatory of Beirut beside his Master's degree in philosophy from the Lebanese University in 1982.

The story of oud manufacturing started in 1976. At that time, the journey began with curiosity. The excitement of discovering the instrument he loved and he played pushed Nazih to dissect the OUD, investigate its sounds, read about its history, pursue a lot of research and experiments to find out all gaps that could be improved in this fantastic instrument.

During the past fifty years, Nazih passed through a long learning curve, which made from his instrument (OUD & BUZUK) a unique piece of art; he participated in many local and international expeditions from Beirut to Doha to Shanghai and Frankfurt. Nazih followers noticed the continuous improvement of the instrument he made on all levels: artistically, quality of sound and structurally.

Nazih has a lot of strengths and competitive advantages that made him one of the top Luthier in the world, his genuine personality and continuous follow-up made him available and supportive for all OUD lovers, his education in music and in philosophy beside his ability to speak Arabic, French and English made him good communicator who understands customer needs and concerns, his professionalism in playing the OUD made him the first one to taste and discover what he produced, add to that his talent and craftsmanship that gave him the flexibility and ability to build the instrument from A to Z by himself, all handcrafted and customized, with no tolerance for error, close to perfection.

After fifty years of experience, Nazih succeeded in building a unique, authentic instrument, with outstanding quality that can escort the player during his entire life. Hence, friendship starts between the owner of the oud, the oud itself and the Luthier.