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 How to buy?


Oudnazihghadban is craftsmanship rather than a business; unlike E-commerce, Nazih instruments are not available for direct online shopping, neither with dealer shops or commercial mall; if you need to have one of Nazih’s OUD, you need to deal with him directly through emails, WhatsUp, phone, or workshop visit to Ras Baalbeck – Lebanon.

1-    To know which OUD matches the best your desire, we recommend you take your time before purchase, navigate through social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) where Nazih posts most of his product in videos and photos format, then go through the Products section on this website.

2-    Select the piece you like from the available instrument in the product list; if you are unsure which one to choose, take more time and go into details. We post high-resolution photos for each instrument; also, we post all details about the materials used, the kind of wood and the dimensions; you will find file sound too.

Be sure, in our products; there is no OUD better than the others; OUDs have different characteristics and tastes. You may choose one, and I may select another.

3-    If you are confused or need more clarification, you can send an email to with your concerns, so we will understand your needs and assist you in selecting the instrument that matches your aspirations and budget.

4-    Be sure that all Nazih instruments are made with the same expertise and perfection; only material and design differ from one instrument to another.

5-    After selecting the instrument, you need to send an email detailing the shipping address and requesting the price. We will send you the price, including the shipping charges and the hard case.

6-    Once the price is accepted, then we will send a bank account number or Western Union name to transfer the agreed amount.

7-    Once the money is credited to the given account, we will start the DHL Express shipping process.

8-    The shipping airwaybill will be issued and forwarded to the buyer within 72 hours, and the oud will be received in an average of four working days after printing the airwaybill.

In total, the entire process will take seven days from the received payment date.

9-    The shipment will include the invoice, the hard case, a selection of Richa ( picks), and a fabrication certificate.

10-After receiving your instrument, stay in touch with us for any questions concerning your instrument. Your opinion is valuable to us.

*Shipping Insurance: Optional at the rate of 4% of the OUD value.