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The Global Oud Forum 25th May 2021

Dear Mr. Nazih Ghadban, 


We are pleased to announce the commencement of the 2nd edition of the Global Oud Forum on the 25th May 2021, which as you know is being held in a virtual setting. The forum will be presented in the form of 7 television oriented episodes, all episodes will broadcast at 8:00pm GST on the following listed dates: (Please be informed that the report on your workshop is featured in episode 5)


Episode 1: 25th May 

Episode 2: 29th May

Episode 3: 1st June

Episode 4: 5th June

Episode 5: 8th June

Episode 6: 12th June

Episode 7: 15th June


The episodes will highlight the works of various Oud artists in addition to feedback from reputable academics, in the field of music and of course featured reports on distinguished Oud makers like yourself from across the Arab world. 


You may access more information around this year’s programme by visiting or by downloading The Global Oud Forum booklet byclicking here. The booklet includes full length research on the history and modern day development of the Oud, Additionally the booklet offers separately downloadable musical notes for all the compositions performed in the 2021 programme, this was made available with the aim of providing Oud enthusiasts with Oud specific compositions and variations, all in one place. 


Attached for you are some materials related to the forum, which include a flyer that is dedicated to the episode you are featured in. From May 25th - June 15th the following hashtags will be used over numerous social media platforms:




The episodes may be watched on their due dates via the following Facebook and YouTube links:

Capriccio’s Facebook Page:

Abu Dhabi Festival’s Facebook Page:

Abu Dhabi Festival’s YouTube Channel:


We thank you for you participation in the Global Oud Forum and in allowing us to present your craftsmanship to the public, and in the shared responsibility you have undertaken towards the ultimate goal of globalising an instrument that dates back to 2350BC.


Sincerest regards 


Dana Samman
Project Coordinator / Logistics